If you’re looking for some inspiration to come up with a great costume this Halloween try going back to the 50s to find a  great costume idea that you haven’t done before. 50s costumes are always fun for Halloween.  Whether you were alive in the 50s and want to take a walk down memory lane or just want to pretend that you live in a simpler time for one night you can create amazing 50s costumes with just a few accessories.  One of the greatest inspirations for 50s costumes is the musical Grease, so watch the movie if you need a little inspiration and then create a great costume as a :
Pink Lady – The Pink Ladies were a high school ‘gang’ of girls that smoked, drank, ran around and didn’t act at all the way that girls were supposed to act in the 50’s.  Goody two shoes Sandy becomes friends with the Pink Ladies who try to get her to loosen up a little and end up turning her into a vixen at the end of the movie.  A pink silk jacket, dark wash jeans and white Keds are essential for a great Pink Ladies costume. If you want to really stand out wear a pink wig or add a pink streak in your hair.

T Bird- The T Birds were the group of rebel boys who hung out with leader Danny Zuko, Sandy’s love interest.  In order to look like a T Bird, or any 50’s rebel, guys need jeans, leather biker jackets, white tee shirts with a chest pocket, and black boots.  Don’t forget to slick back your hair with some pomade and tuck a pack of cigarettes into your tee shirt sleeve!
Sandy – There are two options when it comes to playing the heroine of Grease. You can wear a pretty poodle skirt, saddle shoes, and frilly blouse to be the well behaved Sandy or you can be the super cool rebellious Sandy from the end of the movie and wear a skin tight black catsuit, with or without a belt, and a leather jacket.

Also popular when it comes to costumes from the 50s is a diner waitress outfit. A waitress costume should include very large earrings, a bouffant wig, roller skates if you want to dress as a drive in diner waitress, and rhinestone glasses. Poodle skirts are also great for 50s costumes but don’t forget the petticoat or crinoline to make the skirt look really authentic.  Sweater sets and poodle skirts were extremely popular during the 50s and remain an iconic 50s look.

Another option, for more daring women, is a pinup girl costume. The most famous pin up model, Bettie Page, is a popular costume inspiration for Halloween. To make a great Bettie costume you will need a black bob wig, some fishnet stockings and heels, and some vintage style lingerie.


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