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Slipknot Costumes

Many people choose to dress as their favorite musicians when celebrating Halloween. This can make them feel as they are famous, or are part of a popular group or band. For those that are fans of Slipknot, this is no exception. The large band has costumes and masks available that resemble several of the members. With so many people...

Scary Halloween Costumes are Among the Most Popular Choices

Halloween, which is also known as “All Hallows Eve” has long been a holiday of terror. This is due to the idea that October 31st the last night of the sun, and that cold and darkness would begin to cloud the world. It is also believed that this is the night when ghosts and other scary creatures start to...

Jersey Shore

Pauly D on Jersey Shore is a rockin costume. Party, prowl and prove yourself a worthy guido.   Muscles and all! Go forth and flex

Halloween costumes 2010

We are so excited that the new costumes for 2010 are starting to show up around the nation and online!   Check out all of the new Halloween costumes including some of the ones that you would expect. Everything from Lady Gaga to Spongebob.    There seems to be so much more to choose from this year than any other year. The question...


Zombie mask
Though they may not be part of the silver screen favorites, zombies are hugely popular right now. Since the 1930s when “White Zombie” was released, introducing the concept of the walking undead to film viewers everywhere, zombies have been a staple in horror films and stories all over the world. Anyone would have to admit that there is something...

Group Costumes

As we have been researching costumes for 2010 Halloween season, we have noticed that there are a lot of people that are considering group costumes and matching each other.   Such as all being a Toy Story theme. We look forward to seeing more.

The Green Hornet

It has taken a long time for the film version of the Green Hornet to make it to the screen but fans will be overjoyed to know that production is already in progress and the film adaptation of the Green Hornet will be hitting theaters soon. Unlike some other superhero franchises based on comics like X Men or Watchmen...

Star Wars Costumes

Darth Vader
Furious battles between hundreds of starfighters against a backdrop of alien worlds, a society of mystical knights wielding energy swords and able to turn aside laser beams by invoking a mysterious Force, wisecracking robots, bizarre alien monsters, entire planets covered by cities or ice or festering swamp, weapons able to destroy whole worlds, an evil Empire ruled by a...

Vampire Costumes

There is no doubt that vampire costumes will be very popular this year! Everywhere you look these days it seems that there is a new book or movie coming out about vampires. These are not the horror stories of old that used to terrify people into hanging garlic and mirrors around their houses or carry a set of rosary...

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 is almost here.   We will be posting more information about new costumes as we learn about them. There are a number of major blockbuster movies and shows this year that have inspired some of the best costumes ever.  2010 Halloween will be the best year ever for costumes!